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Xtra Dog Training is headed up by Alex Wilson and supported by an incredible team of dedicated people without whom Xtra Dog® would not be what it is today. He has a lifelong love of dogs and helping dog owners manage their dogs in a kind, ethical way. Alex is a certified Senior Tellington TTouch Practitioner (P3) and a member of the Guild of Tellington TTouch Practitioners. He is a Senior Instructor at the Dog Training College, a certified Pro Dog Trainer and a student member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK.  When he is not working, his interests include training his Siberian Husky, Arapahoe, and getting involved in dolphin and whale research. In 2007 he co-authored the book Whales and Dolphins of Great Britain with Dylan Walker. Alex does not believe in any form of punitive dog training and uses modern reward-based and concept training techniques, including clicker training, games based dog training and Tellington TTouch. He also conforms to the code of practice of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK.  He will not use equipment such as check or choke chains, prong or spike collars, electric shock devices in any form, high-frequency sound devices which are designed to startle or any form of aversive training techniques. 

Alex has been lucky enough to train under some of the greats from the dog training world including: Linda Tellington-Jones, Sarah Fisher, Dr. Tom Michell, Lauren Langman, Tina Constance, Marie Miller, Kathy Cascade, Robyn Hood to name a few. He continues his learning each year by making sure that he attends a number of courses so that he has new ideas to share with his clients and students.


Founder and Head Instructor

I am delighted that you have chosen to visit us at Xtra Dog Training. We initially started this business to share our love for the Tellington TTouch® Method and how this work developed by Linda Tellington-Jones and Robyn Hood can help dogs. Over the years we have become so much more and whilst Tellington TTouch® will always be the backbone of what we do, we have expanded to add Concept Training developed by Dr. Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman into our portfolio of tools we use to help dogs.

Dogs are communicating with us all of the time and we are passionate about sharing this knowledge and love teaching the Dog Training College’s Canine Body Language Programme. Finally I have spent many years teaching calmness to my dogs and clients dogs and love to sharing these strategies and it is the core of most of the courses we run.

We are also delighted to work with the UK’s highest qualified Tellington TTouch® Instructor, Tina Constance to be able to offer practitioner training online and in-person.


Alex Wilson


Tellington TTouch Calmness

Our best-selling 2-day hands-on workshop. Dogs are welcome on this course.

Tellington TTouch Introduction

This 4-hour course is taught in person and live-stream. On in-person courses it is without dogs, although we do demos with one of our dogs.

Calmness Rocks

This three quarter day course teaches strategies to build calm dogs and is certified by the Dog Training College

Tellington TTouch Rocks

This is a follow-on course offered on Zoom for people who would like to add another layer of learning for those who cannot attend our 2-day in-person course

Canine Body Language Course

This half day course is certified by the Dog Training College and is taught in-person and live-stream.

Reactive Rascals

This three quarter day course is certified by the Dog Training College and is taught in-person or live-stream


Absolutely brilliant. So enjoyed today. In break I did a few clouded leopard touches on my dog and I visibly saw the tension leave!This has made such a difference.

Dr. Hélene Svinos

Tellington TTouch allows you to learn on a whole new level about your dog, allowing your dog a deeper and more meaningful relationship and will enable you to work on a whole new relationship with your special dog.

Lauren Langman

This was an excellent course. Really interesting discussions from a lovely mixed group of participants who ranged from professionals in the pet industry, students of dog behaviour/ training and pet owners. Everybody wanted to gain and share as much knowledge as possible to do the best they can for their clients and companion animals.

Marie Miller

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