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Calmness Intensive Weekend

For Reactive Rascals®

Learn strategies to help your dogs overcome reactivity and become more calm.

Norwich, January 18-19 9:30 - 5:30


Did you know Reactivity is one of the most common struggles for owners?

This course combines 3 modalities:

• Click to Calm taught by Ann Corcoran who is a behaviourist, member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a behaviourist and a licensed Clever Dog Company Trainer.

Our goal of teaching a reactive dog class is to give the handlers effective tools and confidence to assist their dog in challenging environments. Dogs within class environment tend to feel uncomfortable either with people or other dogs.
Each handler will work individually with their dog in space divided via barriers so the dog's line of vision is interrupted.

Our purpose of this workshop is not to see if your dogs will interact socially, as we want them to remain underneath their threshold!!

The “Click to Calm” methodology utilises the science of clicker training to effectively and creatively develop strategies that will help calm and manage the reactive/aggressive dog. This program is designed specifically for any dog that is uncomfortable around certain types of stimuli: the most common being people and other dogs. It is also a great program for newly adopted shelter dogs.

• Tellington TTouch leading work and groundwork, taught by Alex Wilson, who is a Tellington TTouch Practitioner (P2), a Pro Dog Trainer and the senior instructor at the Dog Training College.

The Tellington TTouch leading exercises looks at the link between posture and behaviour and utilised 2-point harnesses to help a dog to be calmer on the lead and walk in their own balance. We will also look at loose lead walking the Tellington TTouch way and make pulling on the lead a thing of the past

• Free Work and Calmness games. We will give participants the opportunity to explore Free Work a fantastic method, developed by Sarah Fisher in which we can observe dogs, look at their body language and help them make positive choices. It is also a fantastic way to help dogs to relax and lower their arousal levels. In this session we will also be looking at some games that we can play with our dogs to help them learn to be more calm and relaxed.

This day workshop will equip you with the skills to help your dog overcome reactivity and learn to be more calm.


Join us on January 18-19 at

Barnham Broom Village Hall from

9:30am - 5:30pm 

Where and When

Barnham Broom Village Hall

Norwich Rd, Barnham Broom, Norwich NR9 4BZ

Friday, January 17th at 5:00pm

Tickets Only £199 each.

9:30am - 5:30pm

What do other people think about our courses and our Instructor?

This was an excellent course led by Alex Wilson. Really interesting discussions from a lovely mixed group of participants who ranged from professionals in the pet industry, students of dog behaviour/ training and pet owners. Everybody wanted to gain and share as much knowledge as possible to do the best they can for their clients and companion animals. The day was well planned and presented, refreshments good.

Marie Miller, Tellington TTouch Instructor, Founder member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who has an interest in dogs to attend one of these sessions, not just professionals but pet dog owners. This would give them invaluable insight into their dogs behaviour and could be saving themselves and their dog a lifetime of problems and stress.

The instructor for the day, Alex Wilson had a great easy going, approachable yet professional manner. He obviously had the days agenda to go through with the aid of slides and pictures but seemed perfectly happy and comfortable to veer off course and answer open questions throughout the session. He demonstrated a clear understanding of the subject but without preaching and continually invited discussion and opinions from the group.

Ali Buck

I just wanted to message to say what a great presenter Alex Wilson is, really informative and helpful.

Lady Sue Nicholls, Paddlelake Gundogs

Excellent course. Very interesting, informative easy to understand and perfectly delivered by the instructor Alex Wilson.


Amanda Burton

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent course. Alex Wilson made it very interesting and relaxed. We all took part in the layout of the course which made it easy to stay focused on the topic of Canine Body Language and take in the information taught. I took a lot on board and some great ideas, which I’m using on my very stubborn English Bull. It’s also given me confidence in my thinking of wanting to do more work with Dogs personally and maybe even eventually, on a professional level? 

Nicki Dawkins

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