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Can calmness be taught? Can we teach our dogs to relax and can we achieve calm companions? We believe so.

Through games, Tellington TTouch, Free Work, and other strategies we can show you in this day workshop how to achieve a calm, relaxed canine. 

This course will begin to answer some of the most misunderstood canine behaviours and as a result, will change the way you interact with dogs forever. The course also contains a deep dive into Canine emotions, why do dogs make choices, how can we teach them to make good, calm, choices, what is a dog’s emotional bucket, and so on. We will also look at dog-dog interactions and learn about the chain and what happens if the chain is broken*.

We will also introduce you to a calmness triad and show you how to manage your dog’s rest/calmness during the day and night. Did you know that your dog should sleep or be well-rested for 80% of their lives?**

This is the course your dog wants you to attend!

We offer the course in person and on Zoom. 

References * Dr. Tom Mitchell Absolute Dogs ** Sarah Fisher / Animal Centred Education

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Section One

Understanding the dog – we will Look at the eyes, the ears, the tail, the coat, the posture and the mouth of the dog and discuss why dogs do what they do.

Section Two

Canine Emotions Deep Dive – we will look at the emotions of the dog, why behave the way that they do, what is arousal and how to manage our dog’s arousal, we will look at stress, fear and much more. We will also look at bite prevention and how to read the signs that a dog will give us to avoid them biting.

Section Three

Dog Dog Interactions – we will Look at play, what is appropriate and what is not, how to manage meets and greets with our dogs on and off leash, a dog’s chain of approach and much more.

Section Four

Video analysis- we will watch some videos of dogs interactions and discuss what is happening in each video clip as a group.

Other Learning. We will look at coat patterns and what these mean, we will look at strategies that can create awesome relationships with our dogs as well as talking about ACE Free work and how we can use Free work to better read our dog’s body language and emotion

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