This workshop will be taught by Alex Wilson (P2) and hosted by Nighsabre Dog Training and Purbeck Agility Group


This is a 2 day workshop combining theory with practical sessions. We will have a power point presentations looking at the link between posture and behaviour and understanding about tension patterns in dogs and how TTouch can help lower the dog's arousal level. We will learn some of the hands-on body touches and we will look at the use of body wraps as well as some of the groundwork used in TTouch to help high-drive dogs make positive choices.

Hosted by Nighsabre Dog Training and Purbeck Agility Group

  Venue To  Be Confirmed

Places are limited. 

We will only have room to accommodate 10 participants (with or without dogs). Strictly No spectator places will be available.

What Will We Be Doing?


Two Day Tellington TTouch Workshop that will encompass how we observe our dogs, a basic understanding of dog body language and understanding the effects of coat patterns in dogs and and what that means when we see unusual coat pattern changes. 

• Learning about tension patterns in dogs and how we can use TTouch to release tension and looking at the link between posture and behaviour.

• How TTouch can be a great tool to add to the Naughty But Nice Training programme and how we use TTouch to lower dogs arousal and even bring dogs down from threshold.

• Understanding and learning Tellington TTouch bodywork. You will learn a number of the touches and have time to practise on other participants as well as on dogs.

•Understanding and using bodywraps and calming coats and how they can help dogs focus and relax. We will discuss how these tools will have an effect of the dogs nervous system.

•Groundwork, we will explore how groundwork can help dogs to make positive choices and teach them to move slowly in balance

Stopping dogs pulling, using the TTouch leading techniques we will look at how to teach dogs to walk in their own balance without pulling on the lead. We will explore some of the different groundwork techniques we use in TTouch with time to practise them with the dogs.

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We can provide a variety of one day workshops anywhere in the UK. Our standard workshop is a one day Introduction to TTouch day that will give you the tools to start using the work on your dog/s. This course can also be very helpful to people working in the rescue world and want to incorporate TTouch into their day to day dog management programme. We can also offer a one day intermediate workshop for people who have attending a one day workshop with us or another practitioner. This course will offer participants the opportunity to hone their skills and learn new touches. Non reactive dogs are welcome to attend our workshops, but please make sure that any dog you bring can cope with the environment. Please bring a crate for your dog so that they can have time out as there will be sessions where we do not work with dogs. If you would like details of upcoming workshops please join our mailing list below. The costs of the introduction to TTouch course is £70.00 per participant and for the intermediate course £85.00 per participant. 

Would your dog club, dog organisation  like to host a Tellington TTouch workshop? Please contact us as we can arrange workshops at your venue for your clients or members. This can also be used as a great fund raiser for a charity of dog rescue. Please email or call us on 0330 088 3647  for more details.

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Alex Wilson is a student member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and consequently, we do not use any aversive or punitive training, including slip leads, choke chains, pinch collars, e-collars etc. We use positive reinforcement training including clicker training and Tellington TTouch Training.