Pet First Aid

When people think of first aid, they often do not think about their pets. Pets have accidents the same as humans and knowing what to do should the worst happen is a simple thing to learn with basic training. Pet first aid is not aimed to replace veterinary care but it will help you to recognise an emergency, calm your pet and reduce the risks of delayed treatment.


Learning pet first aid is fun and informative and will give you the skills to deal with a pet emergency should it arise.


This course is ideal for pet owners or pet professionals. It covers the main first aid subjects for Dogs and Cats but this information is also suitable for most other animals. Understanding basic first aid for your pet will give you the skills to assist them and prevent them from getting worse before professional help is given by your vet.


The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a ProTrainings Certificate.


We offer places on courses that we run as well as running private courses for dog clubs and training schools.


Our instructor, Alex Wilson is a Dog Training College Certified (through Pro Trainings) Canine First Aid and Security Dog First Aid instructor.

Human First Aid and First Aid At Work

• Emergency First Responder Training

• First Aid At Work Training

• Emergency First Aid At Work Training

Our certified first aid courses are tailored to the needs of the dog world. We offer courses that are useful to dog trainers, groomers, behaviourists, vet practice staff, and pet shop staff.


Because we have a background in the dog training world we are able to offer these courses tailored to the needs of people working professionally with dogs. We are also able to tailor make packages that will include a first aid certificate along with games based dog training or Tellington TTouch.


In any dog training environment, we put our priorities into the needs of the dogs, but what happens if a dog bites? A client slips or collapses? Do you have the skills to help that person? With an Xtra Dog Training Emergency First Aid Course we will arm you with the tools that you need to be able to cope with that emergency. We know that you have the skills for a dog emergency;  we can help prepare you for a client emergency.


As an employer, you must have first-aid arrangements in your workplace, so we are also able to offer certified, First Aid at Work, Emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency First Response courses, call us to discuss your individual needs on 0330 088 3647.


Our First Aid Instructor, Matt Wildman, is certified through Emergency First Response (EFR), has a wealth of experience teaching these courses and can develop courses that are tailor-made to your requirements.


Who Are Emergency First Response (EFR)?

Emergency First Response started nearly 50 years ago and today there are more than 56,000 EFR certified instructors worldwide as they are one of the fastest-growing international CPR, AED and first aid training organisations. 


Emergency First Response certified courses are recognised worldwide. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognise the skills taught in the First Aid at Work and the Emergency First Aid at Work courses.


Emergency First Response courses follow the emergency considerations and protocols as developed by the members of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). Members include American Heart Association (AHA), European Resuscitation Council (ERC), Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC), New Zealand Resuscitation Council (NZRC), Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC), Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa (RCSA), Inter American Heart Foundation (IAHF), Resuscitation Council of Asia (RCA – current members include Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan).


EFR courses, also focus on training the lay rescuer, the Emergency First Response approach to training builds confidence in lay rescuers and increases their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency by teaching them the skills they need in a non-stressful learning environment. Participants are also given as much practice as necessary to master and retain these skills.

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Alex Wilson is a student member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and consequently, we do not use any aversive or punitive training, including slip leads, choke chains, pinch collars, e-collars etc. We use positive reinforcement training including clicker training and Tellington TTouch Training.