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GoDog Elephants Spotted in Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya

February 2023
Last week an unusual event has been reported from Kenya. At the world famous Masai Mara Game Reserve, near Nairobi a rare elephant has been spotted today, it appears to be a goDog Elephant. Senior safari guide Stephen Shuma said,

“In over 15 years as a wildlife guide I have never seen this breed of elephant before, it has caused quite a stir with the local Masai Elephants who are not used to these extraordinary 30 cm elephants in the park. The group who I was tour guiding for were super-excited to spot these goDog elephants and said it was a highlight of their trip.”

The phenomenon has yet to be explained and scientists are baffled at this reported sighting. One theory is that the elephant was part pf a shipment of goDog elephants bound for England to go to the Xtra Dog stand at Crufts (Hall One Stand 124) and one of the eles got on the wrong flight and ended up in Kenya.

Xtra Dog’s Alex Wilson commented,

“Here at Xtra Dog we have been waiting in expectation for the arrival of the elephants and we are extremely worried if one of our eles have ended up in the Masai Mara, these elephants are not bred for the African climate and we hope that he will be accepted into a local elephant herd.”

Since last week’s sighting we have had no more reports of the goDog elephant but Shuma and the other guides in the Masai Mara are keeping a look out for him, if anyone should be in the Mara and spot this elephant please can we ask you to email us photos without delay to [email protected] in the hope that this elephant can be captured and brought back to the UK. 

If your dog would love one of these elephants come and visit us at Crufts in Hall One stand 124 or click the button below to order on our website.