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What is your ONE biggest dog training struggle?

• Pulling on the Lead?

• Poor Recall?

• Hyper active Behaviour?

• Counter Surfing in the kitchen?

• Excessive Barking?

• Noise Sensitive?

• Lack of Focus?

• …Something Else?

If there was an easy way to help teach your dog some skills to overcome some of these problems in a reward based way would you be interested?

My name is Alex Wilson, I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer, a senior instructor at the Dog Training College and I train dogs and people through playing 3-minutes games that are quick to learn and fun to play that gets incredible outcomes. 

Playing games enriches our dogs’ lives and achieves real life results.

So many dog training struggles can be resolved by teaching dogs to play simple games, rather than complex behaviours. I have a toolbox of games that I would love to share with you.

I am also a Tellington TTouch practitioner and use amazing hands-on touch work and groundwork exercises to help dogs make positive choices and act, rather than react to situations.

We get results because there’s a game for that!

We like to think about concepts, rather than behaviours, these might be: optimism, proximity, grit, self-confidence, arousal, bravery, impulse control, flexibility, resilience etc and choose games to help dogs in these areas. Remember games are fun for you and your dog.

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YES, I want in! I want this package right now…

• 7 Training session for the price of 6

• Your first session 90 minutes follow ups 45 minutes

• Access to the Xtra Dog learning vault worth £250.00 with e-books, handouts and webinars

• Free treats and treat bag worth £10.00

• Full 12 months email and phone support

How does it all work?


I work with you and your dog on a one to one basis either at our base in Costock, (between Loughborough and Nottingham) or I come to you* if that is more convenient.

Our first session which is about 90 minutes includes a consultation where we discuss your dog’s main struggles and we plan out a strategy to give you the tools to achieve the results that we are looking for. In that first session, you will learn to play some awesome games and strategies that will be rewarding and fun for you and your dog and start to train the concepts we need to start to get results. Follow up sessions are around 45 minutes.

You will receive reports by emails with your action plan and homework to work on before the next session.

*Prices are based on you coming to our base in Costock or working on Zoom. We are not able to offer home visits

The Skills You will Learn will include:

• A better and deeper relationship and understanding of your dog.

• A portfolio of great 3-minute games to play with your dog. 

• Some of the Tellington TTouch Techniques.

• Learn to be your dog’s expert.

• Become the incredible trainer of your dog that you know you can be.

When you understand how to train your dog there is nothing more fun or rewarding. Playing games or using Tellington TTouch helps you connect with your dog in a new in a new way and you become your dog’s expert. What more can you ask for?  

Here’s the thing, dog training is can become very expensive you can get very slow results, with our methods of training we teach you to train your dog and the results will be achieved as fast as you put in the work with your dog.

We can also advise you on suitable equipment for your dog.

Plus, we’re giving away a full session (£55 value), our learning vault (£250 value), 12 months email and phone support (£150 value).

If you add it all up, that’s £820 in value. But you won’t even be paying half that price £410. We can offer you this incredible package for just £349.00

“Turn your dog training struggles into strengths.”