Canine Body Language, Milton Keynes October 3rd 10am


The UK’s best-selling Canine Body Language workshop • CPD accredited • At the TLC Training Academy, near Milton Keynes

Learn about the 4 core principles of canine body language on this course

1. How to read the subtle signs; we explore, individually the dog’s eyes, ears, mouth, tail, coat and posture in depth. We will also explore the link between posture and behaviour along with understanding about coat patterns in dogs.

2. Canine emotions deep dive; we will look at the link between emotions and body language. What does aggression, fear, anxiety, or happiness look like in dogs? Are dogs capable of guilt, does a dog who rolls on their back really want their tummy tickled?

3. Dog Dog interactions, we will learn about what is appropriate play and what is not.

4. We learn about the link between posture and behaviour and will also find out what Free Work is and why it is a brilliant tool to read a dog’s body language. We will also look at how to observe dogs and think about how the environment may influence the outcome of what the dog is telling us.

Please we not should be able to run this workshop in person, due to a public health situation we will run it Livestream.

TLC Dog Academy Unit 10c Cuckoo Hill Farm, Castlethorpe Rd, Hanslope, Milton Keynes MK19 7HQ


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Did you know that dogs do not communicate verbally? 

They have a very sophisticated non-verbal method of communication called Canine Body Language. We often miss these subtle methods of communications and this can cause behaviour to escalate even to dog’s biting.

Learning how to read and interpret subtle body language and facial expressions will allow us to understand what a dog is really trying to tell us.

Being able to read a dog will allow you to understand and even predict canine behaviour.

This fascinating subject will open up a whole new way of communicating with your dog that you may not even have realised was possible. You will truly begin to speak dog.

Does a dog lying on its back really want a belly rub?

Is a wagging tail a sign of a happy dog?

Can dogs feel guilt? 

This course will begin to answer some of the most misunderstood canine behaviours and as a result will change the way you interact with dogs forever. The course also contains a deep dive into Canine emotions, why do dogs make choices, how can we teach them to make good choices, what is a dog’s emotional bucket and so on. We will also look at dog dog interactions and learn about the chain and what happens if the chain is broken.

This is the course your dog wants you to attend!

This is a without your dog course, we can only allow assistance dogs to attend this course.


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