Canine Body Language and Tellington TTouch® Introduction Joint Ticket


This bundle give your 8 hours of incredible learning

July 30th 6pm (BST) 11am (PT) Introduction to Tellington TTouch

August 24th 6pm (BST) 11am (PT) Canine Body Language.

Both courses are CPD accredited.

Canine Body Language, August 24th

The UK’s best-selling Canine Body Language workshop • CPD accredited

Learn about the 4 core principles of canine body language on this course

1. How to read the subtle signs; we explore, individually the dog’s eyes, ears, mouth, tail, coat and posture in depth. We will also explore the link between posture and behaviour along with understanding about coat patterns in dogs.

2. Canine emotions deep dive; we will look at the link between emotions and body language. What does aggression, fear, anxiety or happiness look like in dogs? Are dog capable of guilt, does a dog who rolls on their back really want their tummy tickled?

3. Dog Dog interactions, we will learn about what is appropriate play and what is not.

4. We learn about the link between posture and behaviour and will also find out what Free Work is and why it is a brilliant tool to read a dog’s body language. We will also look at how to observe dogs and think about how the environment may influence the outcome of what the dog is telling us.


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Tellington TTouch® Introduction July 30th

The course will cover:

• Understanding about the Tellington TTouch method and how it can be used with your dogs

• Learning Body Touches

• Understanding about wraps and other Tellington TTouch equipment

• Stopping Dogs Pulling on the Lead the TTouch way

• …and much more

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