I’m Listening – Book by Christine Schwartz


What if you gave your dog more choices? And took a closer look at common practices. Do they foster a close trusting relationship and encourage your dog to be confident? Are we boycotting our training attempts?

This book is not suitable for the dog guardian who is looking for blind obedience but speaks to those who are seeking a true relationship with their dog.

The author, Christine Schwartz has been a Tellington TTouch® Practitioner since the work was first established in the 1980s. When she attended her first clinic with its founder, Linda Tellington-Jones, when she was still a teenager she knew that this was the way she wanted to be with animals. It had never felt quite right for her to hit a horse who refused a jump, or jerk the dog’s leash when they pulled, but everybody did it and that’s what she had been taught. Through Linda’s eyes, she got a glimpse of the animal’s soul and the reasoning behind their actions.  When she said, “The animal does not get up in the morning wondering how to make our lives miserable” I was hooked. Our four-legged friends really do have the best intentions.

She believes the Tellington TTouch® is one of the first organised methods that truly looks at the connection of the animal’s physical and mental well-being and accepts that a horse, or dog, or cat, or whatever animal you have in your life, always has a reason for his actions and that

many of the behaviours we do not like stem from pain, fear, or insecurity. To her, the mindfulness of the work is the most important aspect and one that can be carried into all sections of animal husbandry and animal or even human connections. To come from a deep

understanding and compassion with empathy, but without pity, is easier said than done. Understanding an animal’s behaviour does not excuse it, but it gives us yet another tool to help our favourite dog.

This is not just a Tellington TTouch® book, but it looks at many methods that are used in TTouch to help our dogs be the best they possibly can be. It is a must for any dog owner.


A donation for every book sold goes to supporting Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Somerset.


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