TTouch Harmony Leash (formerly Liberty Leash)


Ideal lead to combine with our Tellington TTouch Harness

This is offered in a 19mm width lead with larger clips for medium, large, and extra large dogs or a 16mm width with smaller clips for small dogs.

Adjustable for different sizes of dog

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The TTouch harmony Leash or as we used to call it the Liberty Leash Pro is a new lead by Xtra Dog designed to help with pulling dogs. When it is combined with a two-point harness it can help the dog to walk in balance and help that dog to learn to walk without pulling. The Liberty Leash Pro is adjustable and can be used with small dogs low to the ground as well as very tall dogs and comes with a fleece padded sliding handle for that is comfortable for the handler. This lead allows the dog an element of freedom to find their own natural point of balance, taking the pressure off the lead with nothing for the dog to pull. This method is great for dogs like spaniels who want to have their noses constantly on the ground. The secret is keeping the hand still and close to the body and allowing the dog to move and balance on the lead. If the dog pulls, simply lift your hand and meet the tension (don’t lift the dog off the ground!) and as soon as the dog responds melt again encouraging them to keep the lead loose, you can also step forward in a crescent as you do this, until you are in the dog’s line of sight, then melt so the lead is slack.

This version of the Liberty Leash, offered exclusively to Xtra Dog Training has an additional swivel by the handle to stop dog from getting the lead twisted.

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Small (16mm width and small clips), Large (19mm width and large clips)