Mischief’s Calmer, Balanced Dog Package Package


  • Grab our Tellington TTouch Black Dog Friday package, it includes
  • Canine Body Language Workshop January 31st 10am £55.00
  • Calmness Rocks Workshop January 24th 10am £55.00
  • Tellington TTouch Student manual Printed £19.95
  • Canine Body Language Student Manual £24.95
  • Postage £5.15
  • Introducing Canine Body Language and Observations seminar with Alex Wilson £49.95
  • Reactivity with Kathy Cascade £99.00
  • A 20% OFF discount code for any of our live-stream or in-person workshops. 4 or 5-hour courses and 15% OFF our 2-day in-person  Tellington TTouch workshop (if we are able to run it )

Calmness Rocks January24th 10am

Calmness Rocks Live-Stream workshop on Zoom

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Reactivity the TTouch Way

Tellington TTouch Student Manual by Alex Wilson (part of bundle)

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Canine Body Language and Observing Dogs

Canine Body Language byLeanne McWade (part of bundle)

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