Naughty But nice For Dogs DVD


Help your reactive dog with this DVD

Hosted by vet behaviourist Dr Tom Mitchell and world-renowned dog training instructor Lauren Langman

Strategies and games to play with your Naughty But Nice dogs.

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This video is brought to you by vet behaviourist Dr. Tom Mitchell and internationally acclaimed dog training instructor Lauren Langman. This video will take you through some of the struggles and solutions if you live with a reactive (Naughty but nice) dog.

The DVD contains discussions on strategies to help your naughty but nice dog, a greater understanding of these dogs and games that can help you manage these dogs. The Naughty But Nice Movement has become a worldwide phenomenon and Lauren and Tom did a lecture tour earlier this year speaking to many dog owners and professional trainers about how to help these amazing dogs.

The Naughty But Nice programme blends really well with other training modalities including clicker, Tellington TTouch, BAT and many more.


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