Practitioner Interactive and Online Introduction to Tellington TTouch (May 13th-14th)


Join Alex Wilson for the start of your Tellington TTouch® Practitioner journey. This introduction course will give you 6 credits towards qualification, however, you do NOT have to be training professionally to benefit from this training.

  • Online course content with Senior Instructor Robyn Hood – Lifetime access
  • 10-hours of Livestream teaching with senior practitioner Alex Wilson – Recorded, access for life
  • 70-page student e-manual
  • Fortnightly group coaching call with Senior Instructor, Robyn Hood
  • Student support Facebook group
  • Over £450.00 worth of bonus content

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When is the course?
Saturday & Sunday, May 13th-14th)

Join Alex Wilson (P2) for a two-day intensive Introduction to Tellington TTouch® training that will count towards your practitioner training. Learn trust-based, gentle, effective, and supportive techniques from the comfort of home. This includes 10 hours of live, virtual, group instruction, which is recorded for future viewing, AND lifetime access to a self-paced online study course. You will also receive access to the training practitioner’s Facebook support group.

Discover techniques designed to cooperatively:

 ✅ Help your dog be their BEST selves!

 ✅ Enhance self-control

 ✅ Develop good leash habits

 ✅ Reduce anxiety & fear

 ✅ Address reactivity

 ✅ Support senior & special needs dogs

 ✅Develop trust & Communication

TTouch offers simple, gentle, and effective ways to help your dog become more comfortable, self-controlled, and cooperative.

You will learn how to:

➔ Interpret your dog’s behavior in a non-judgmental way

➔ Notice a dog’s subtle body language for signs of stress or relaxation

➔ Use simple, relaxing bodywork techniques to support your dog and your relationship

➔ Support your dog to reduce anxiety and enhance self-confidence

➔ Incorporate leash exercises to create more harmonious on-leash communication

➔ Recognize and acknowledge how your own state of mind will affect your dog

This workshop includes:

  • 10 hours of LIVE, interactive instruction via Zoom
  • Instant, lifetime access to the online course, “Tellington TTouch for Dogs: An Introduction” for a solid foundation of knowledge and accessible review opportunities.
  • Supportive Study Group Access
  • Fortnightly coaching on Zoom with senior Instructor Robyn Hood

*This course counts as 10 CPD Points,  10 CEU’s NAODI as well as 6 credits towards becoming a Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner.

Register and gain instant access to an extensive, clearly laid out, and detailed online course.  This course can be done at YOUR OWN PACE, before or after the LIVE sessions.

Join Alex for a LIVE interactive class Zoom session – on May 13-14 2pm-7pm (BST) 9am-2pm (EST) In these sessions, Alex will expertly guide you on how to adapt the Tellington TTouch techniques. The course is taught in English and on a time zone that works for the UK, Europe, South Africa, USA and Canada

The class is small and allows for individualized advice and attention.

This course can count towards the Tellington TTouch Practitioner certification program for dogs.  It is also suitable for dog guardians who are interested in the method to enhance their relationship.  All levels of experience and areas of interest are welcome.

Students will have access to online material to cover at their own pace.  The online portion of learning consists of a logical, linear, introduction to the Tellington TTouch Method for Dogs, which can be accessed at any time.

The online portion of the course includes:

  • 8 Lessons: Each consists of several specific topics.
  • Over 24 “how-to” videos and lectures about each specific concept and exercise
  • Easy to follow mind maps
  • 24/7 access to all materials

The LIVE interactive portion of the course includes:

  • 10 hours of LIVE learning sessions in an intimate, supportive, group setting
  • Expert feedback about your own animals
  • In-class assistants co-teaching and support the group’s learning and questions.
  • Recorded Zoom links for future viewing.


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