Tellington TTouch Joint Ticket May / July ’21


Tellington TTouch® Introduction May 29th 2021 – 10am

The course will cover:

• Understanding about the Tellington TTouch method and how it can be used with your dogs

• Learning Body Touches

• Understanding about wraps and other Tellington TTouch equipment

• Stopping Dogs Pulling on the Lead the TTouch way

• …and much more

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Tellington TTouch Rocks July 31st – 10am

The course will cover:

• learning to build Trust with our dogs

• Refining our touches and extending our portfolio of TTouch Body Touches

• Learning more about wraps introducing the head wrap and some other lesser-known wraps

• Understanding more about TTouch leading exercises and groundwork, introducing ropework and the homing pigeon.

• …and much more

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2 Tellington TTouch Workshops

Introduction to Tellington TTouch May 29th 10m (BST) £55

Tellington TTouch Rocks, follow-on workshop July 31st, 10 am (BST) £55

Both Courses are run safely over Zoom