Tellington TTouch Practitioner Immersion Training – Robyn Hood et. al


Start or continue your practitioner training on this accredited Livestream Immersion practitioner training taught by Senior Instructor, Robyn Hood and other Instructors. Worth 24 Academy Credits

Join Tellington TTouch® Method Instructor, Robyn Hood, as well as other guest instructors, and develop a deep level of understanding and skill that will transform how you handle and train dogs. Enjoy the logical, linear, learning of online learning along with the inspiring and adaptive format that includes 36 hours of small, LIVE, Zoom sessions – all recorded for your convenience and on-going learning.

This course is the ideal option for anyone seeking an integrative and compassionate approach to understanding, handling and training dogs. Whether you are a professional dog trainer or dedicated dog guardian, this course will provide you with an incredible framework of philosophical understanding, observational skills, bodywork techniques, leash work exercises and innovative tools that can make what you already do well, be even better.


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