TTouch For Your 12 month Subscription paid annually


Join the TTouch For You® Circle, Inspiring self-care with Linda Tellington-Jones and Elinor Silverstein. Try the programme for 3 months, but only pay for two months.

If you are looking for full subscriptions please click here. This trial subscription is only available to first-time subscribers


TTouch For Your Circle What’s Included

Monthly Sessions with

Linda Tellington-Jones and Elinor Silverstein
An up-close-and-personal, interactive experience with Linda & Elinor, in the form of one Saturday a month, three-hour-long, live instructional sessions where you get to ask questions & participate in real-time. That’s 36 hours per year!

Live with Linda and Friends
In addition, Linda will be teaching every Tuesday “ Live with Linda” a total of 104 hours annually. The focus on Tuesdays will be inspirational with the group and individual coaching and sharing our collective experiences while deepening our knowledge and skill of TTouch.

TTouch For Your Animals
On the first Tuesday of each month, Linda will include coaching with TTouch for your animals and it’s your opportunity to share the love and the gifts you receive from your animals: your dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses and any other precious members of your animal family.


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