Unlock Your Dog’s Potential by Sarah Fisher


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  • Strengthen your bond with simple step-by-step exercises, invaluable training advice, handling and bodywork exercises to improve your dog’s well-being
  • Develop an understanding of how tensions and blocked awareness can affect your dog and how you can change them to ensure your dog leads a longer, happier and stress-free life
  • Reduce unwanted behavior such as lead pulling, barking and chewing using simple and effective management techniques
  • Learn how to look for symptoms of stress and concern in your dog and increase your own skills and confidence


Improve every aspect of your dog’s life and behaviour safely and effectively by learning how to understand the way tensions and blocks affect him. Step-by-step exercises and simple observations will allow you and your dog to break free of nagging problems and enjoy the benfits of better health and a happier relationship. “Unlock Your Dog’s Potential” covers a wide range of unique dog management tips and techniques, as well as training advice, including handling and bodywork exercises to improve movement and trainability. Case studies of dogs that Sarah Fisher has worked with appear throughout the book to show how her techniques relate to real-life situations.

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