Whales and Dolphins of Great Britain book by Dylan Walker and Alex Wilson

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Britain’s whale and dolphin watching industry now extends to almost every part of the country, and is very much part of mainstream tourism. Tens of thousands of people go whale and dolphin watching in British waters every year, utilising commercial operators, ferries and land-based viewpoints. This guide will appeal to general tourists as well as keen whale watchers

and naturalists, encouraging more people than ever before to go whale and dolphin watching in Britain.

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The first comprehensive guide to the whales, dolphins and porpoises of Great Britain. Section one introduces the 17 most commonly sighted species of cetacean, giving details on identification, behaviour, distribution and recommended hotspots to see them. Each species account is accompanied by a photographic plate depicting animals as they are seen at the surface. The bulk of the book describes where to see cetaceans around Great Britain – from land, from whale and dolphin watching boats, and from ferries. The text gives every detail a reader would need to book a trip, from which species are likely when, to how to get there and what photographic opportunities are available. The result is a must-have guide for anybody with an interest in cetaceans and whale and dolphin watching.

This book will also appeal to people who had no idea that they could go whale watching from our shores, by bringing together a wealth of information on the many and varied options available in one concise guide.


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