All Wrapped Up For Pets, book by Robyn Hood with Mandy Pretty


Body Wraps For Pets

* Simple and easy to use

* Effective and non-invasive

* Improves coordination, balance, self-carriage and mental focus

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Tellington TTouch Bodywraps are an extraordinarily effective and easy way to help alleviate anxiety, improve body awareness and boost confidence in your small animals.  This book guides you through the fun, easy, and non-invasive techniques that have helped countless animals around the world.

This full-colour book takes you through the step by step hows, whys, and whens of all of the various Bodywrap configurations for your canine companion and includes sections on cats and other species.

Bodywraps are simple to use and non-invasive with results that are often immediate and long-lasting.

Full colour, 44 pages long.

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