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This 1-day workshop will equip you with the skills to help your challenging dog.

The Dog Training College have developed a 5 stage programme specifically designed for dogs that bark, lunge, pull or just get too excited around other dogs, people or things. Our instructor Alex Wilson is certified to teach this course through the Dog Training College. He is also a Tellington TTouch Practitioner (level 2) and a Pro Dog Trainer who has studied the Pro version of the Naughty But Nice Course for dogs. Alex also used Free work as part of his teaching.

If you have a reactive dog or you work with reactive dogs then this workshop is for you. We believe dogs can overcome reactivity and challenging behaviours.

 The Reactive Rascals® programme follows a 5 stage approach to overcoming reactivity and includes classroom training, video refreshers, and handouts.

 Please note – this is an owner only workshop. Please do not bring your dogs along. Our instructor will have a demo dog to demonstrate certain exercises for in-person courses.

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September 24th, 2023 - 2pm (BST) 9am (EDT)

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1. Understanding Reactivity

We attempt to understand what it means to own or work with a reactive dog look at science of reactivity and and debunk some of the myths. We will also share strategies to help you cope with your challenging dog and ways that can help them.

2. Become Your Dog’s Superhero

This section is all about turning your and your dog’s struggles into strengths and looking at strategies that work.

3. The Reactive Rascals Method

This section is all about relationships with your dog, and looks at  3 core principles that when implemented properly will transform your relationship with your dog and retrain the brain to overcome unwanted behaviours. 

4. The Reactive Rascals Toolkit

This is where we get in to the tools to use with your or client’s dogs to achieve real life results. We will show you strategies, games, tools from Tellington TTouch and introduce you to Ace Free Work. Our instructor, Alex Wilson has been working with challenging dogs for many years and he is excited to share the tools he uses that work.

Dogs. Whilst this is a without-dog event we teach all of our in-person courses with our demo dog, Arapahoe, who will demonstrate some of the tools.

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