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Learn to communicate better with your dogs by learning how they communicate with us



How can we increase our understanding of dogs? Learn how they communicate with each other, and us. This course will provide a deeper understanding about the ways dogs communicate.

Learn our 5 point approach to better understanding dog/s

  • Learning to observe your dog without judgement – keeping a beginners mind
  • Learning how to read their body language and calming signals
  • Learning to use free work to observe your dog
  • Learning better videography, how to film your dog to better see what they are telling you
  • Learning about observations and possible solutions, how to observe dogs and how we can change our approach to their management.

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July 31st 3pm-7pm Livestream

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Section One

Canine Body Language and Freework with Alex Wilson – we will look at the components of the dog and how dogs communicate using their body language, we will also learn about free work and how freework can help us better read our dogs.

Section Two

Videography with Nate Cant – we can learn so much through filming and photographing our dogs. Using slow motion, tripods, pivos, phones, GoPros, SLRs will be discussed with Xtra Dog’s in-house videographer.

Section Three

Observations and Possible Solutions with Tina Constance. In this section we will discuss observing our dogs, understanding what they are telling us and asking what could be change to make things easier for them.

Section Four

Video analysis- we will watch some videos of dogs interactions and discuss what is happening in each video clip as a group.

Other Learning. We will look at coat patterns and what these mean, we will look at strategies that can create awesome relationships with our dogs as well as talking about Free work and how we can use Free work to better read our dog’s body language and emotions.

Your Instructors

Alex Wilson is a senior Tellington TTouch Practitioner (P3), a Senior Instructor at the Dog Training College, a certified Pro Dog Trainer.  He is also an accredited Canine Body Language instructor trainer at the Dog Training College. Alex teaches Tellington TTouch® all over the UK and Livestream.

Tina Constance is a Tellington TTouch® Instructor based in the UK qualified with dogs, companion animals and horses, she is also a Canine Body Language Instructor with the Dog Training College. Tina teaches TTouch at practitioner level in the UK and throughout Europe

Nathan is the in-house videographer and editor at Xtra Dog®. He is also Tellington TTouch Practitioner in training and a Canine Body Language Instructor with the Dog Training College

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