Reactive Rascals Live Stream

27 September 2020 10:00 - 27 August 2020 15:00

The 4 Core Principles You’ll Discover during this workshop
How to read the subtle signs  We explore the dog’s eyes, ears, mouth, hair, tail and posture in detail. Exploring each individually.
Why emotion probably isn’t what you think it is
We will discuss the link between emotion and body language. What does aggression, fear, anxiety or happiness look like in dogs? Can dogs really feel guilt?
How Dog-Dog Communication is easier to interpret than you think 
We look at how dogs communicate with one another, appropriate play and how to pre-empt our dogs’ behaviour.
Detailed Video Analysis 
We will put our new knowledge into practice through a detailed video analysis section of the workshop.
Only £55.00
Please Note: Previous events have sold out within hours

Access to the Xtra Dog Learning Vault, 
where you will find e-books, webinars, articles on dog training and behaviour and much more worth £250
E-Student manual. This 84-page manual sets out all of the workshop content so that you don’t have to worry about scribbling down notes. It consists of text and images.
Certificate of Attendance. You will receive your certificate on the day
Badge. A badge that you can put on your website, Facebook page to say that you have attended the course, great for dog professionals too