This is a 2-day hands-on workshop with your dog. In this course, we will explore the Tellington TTouch® method, including bodywork, body wraps, leading exercises, stopping dogs pulling on the lead and groundwork. We have added to this course an understanding of canine body language and emotions.

 We will also look at deep observations using Free Work and understand how this strategy can help teach calmness to our dog. We will also explore what Concept Training is and how Tellington TTouch® strategies can help to build calmness,  optimism, confidence, self-control, grit and other concepts, etc.

A certificate of attendance is provided. This course runs from 9.30am-5.30pm each day

The course will cover:

Deep observations and canine body language

Hands-on body touches

Canine emotions

Body wraps and calming coats

Free Work

Loose leash walking the TTouch way

Groundwork and Tellington TTouch leading exercises

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Day One

Session One

Today we will be understanding what Tellington TTouch is, look at the link between posture and behaviour, we will discuss tension in dogs. In this session we will also look at observing dogs and use Free Work to start to understand what our dogs are telling us.

Session Two

Bodywork, we will learn some of the Tellington touches. There will be the opportunity to practise with our dogs.

Session Three

Wraps and Calming coats, we will learn to tie a number of different configurations and understand their uses.

Session Four

Canine emotions deep dive


Day Two

Session One

Loose Lead walking the TTouch way, we will look at the different leading techniques and equipment we use. There will be the opportunity to practise with our dogs.

Session Two

Building Trust with our dogs and understanding why we would use multiple handles with a single dog (homing pigeon)

Session Three

Touch session

Session Four

Groundwork – practical session


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