We want to share the Tellington TTouch method and how it can benefit your dogs. Tellington TTouch is an incredible tool to help build calmness is your dog. TTouch blends with man other positive training methods including clicker, concept training, BAT etc.

We will teach you how to observe your dog and introduce you to Free Work.

We will be learning body touches

 We will start to Understand about wraps and other Tellington TTouch equipment

 We will look at how to stop dogs pulling on the lead the TTouch way

 ...and much more 

Our in-person version of this course is a without dog workshop, we will have a dog with us to demonstrate some of the strategies. We recommend that you bring a sponge with you to practise the touches. On the Zoom version you will be able to work with your dog during the workshop.

This course is CPD accredited and if you complete this course, Tellington TTouch Rocks and the online moduce it counts for 4 practitioner credits.

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Live-stream – TTouch Introduction 2.0 February 25th 6pm (GMT) 10am (PT)


Section One

Understanding what Tellington TTouch is, learning about tension patterns, the link between posture and behaviour and how to observe dogs, plus using Free Work

Section Two

We will learn some of the Tellington TTouch body Touches.

Section Three

We will learn about body wraps and calming coats and learn to tie the quarter and half wrap

Section Four

Stop dogs pulling, equipment and groundwork

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