Calmness Rocks May2, 2021


Calmness Rocks Live-Stream workshop on Zoom

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Can calmness be taught?

Can we teach our dogs to relax and can we achieve calm companions?

We believe so.

Through Games, Concept Training, Tellington TTouch, Ace Free Work, and other strategies we can show you in this day workshop how to achieve a calm, relaxed canine.

​This course will begin to answer some of the most misunderstood canine behaviours and as a result, will change the way you interact with dogs forever. The course also contains a deep dive into Canine emotions, why do dogs make choices, how can we teach them to make good, calm, choices, what is a dog’s emotional bucket, and so on. We will also look at dog-dog interactions and learn about the chain and what happens if the chain is broken.

​We will also introduce you to a calmness triad and show you how to manage your dog’s rest/calmness during the day and night. Did you know that your dog should sleep or be rested for 80% of their lives?

This is the course your dog wants you to attend!

This course is certified by the Dog Training College.

We have £250 worth of free bonuses to share with you.

Please note – this course will be taught on Zoom.