We want to add another layer of learning onto your current knowledge of Tellington TTouch. You need to have completed an introduction to TTouch course with us or another practitioner before taking this course. If you have no experience in TTouch we would ask you to book our Tellington TTouch Introduction workshop first.

This course is designed for those who have attended an introductory Tellington TTouch workshop on Zoom or in-person and are not able to attend our 2-day workshop who would like to learn more about this incredible method. 

We will be learning more body touches and hone our skills at TTouch body work.

 We will learn more about wraps and learn to tie other configurations

 We will look at the TTouch leading techniques in more depth

 ...and much more 

You will be able to work with your dog during the workshop.

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Section One

Learning to build trust between you and your dog. A deeper look at observations and adding the counting game to Free Work

Section Two

Taking our touches to the next level, learning new touches and improving our technique

Section Three

Learning new ways to tie body wraps and understanding their value

Section Four

Reviewing the TTouch leading techniques and looking at ways we lead dogs with 2 or more handlers, the homing pigeon and rope work.

UPCOMING courses

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