Canine Body Language: Student Manual – book by Leanne McWade



  • Why does your dog roll on their back?
  • Is a Wagging tail the sign of a happy dog?
  • Why does your dog like to sniff other dog’s bottoms?
  • If  you would like to know the answers to these questions and more then this book is for you.


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Do you wonder why your dog rolls on their back? Why they wag their tail in a certain way? Why they lean etc?

Is your dog capable of guilt? What happens if their arousal level reaches threshold? Why do they like to sniff other dog’s bottoms?

In this comprehensive guide to Canine Body Language and Emotions, that accompanies the Dog Training College’s very successful Live Course we explore all aspects of canine body language.  The book looks the dog’s eyes, ear’s mouth, coat, tail, and posture and answers why dogs do the things that they do and what they are trying to tell us. It also looks at Canine emotions and looks at dog-dog interactions. This is an ideal book if you are interested to learn more about how dogs communicate with you and are suitable for pet dog owners and professionals alike.

You don’t need to attend a workshop to enjoy this book.

90 pages, paperback.

Printed in the EU

Distributed by Cetacea Publishing


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