Dexas Food / Gripmat


  • Ideal food mat to slow fast eating dogs.
  • Can be incorporated into free work
  • Can be used to stop food and water bowls from slipping especially on laminated floors.

Small 50cm x 34cm

Large 60cm x 43cm

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These mats are larger than the average lick mats and are dual purpose. You can use them for food to slow down a fast eater. Just spread the food on your food mat and watch your dog enjoy licking it off. You can even spread food and freeze it to keep your dog entertained. The act of licking will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (the calm side of the dog’s nervous system).

These mats are also ideal to incorporate into free work, not only can the dog eat off them, but the texture can also give them sensory experience through their paws.

The food/grip mat can also be used to place food bowls or water bowls to avoid the bowl from slipping around, ideal on laminate floors.

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