Tellington TTouch Calmness

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Calmness is one of the most common struggles for owners.

This is a 2-day hands-on workshop with your dog. In this course, we will explore the Tellington TTouch® method, including bodywork, body wraps, leading exercises, stopping dogs pulling on the lead and groundwork. We have added to this course an understanding of canine body language and emotions.
We will also look at deep observations using Free Work and understand how this strategy can help teach calmness to our dog. We will also explore what Concept Training*  is and how Tellington TTouch® strategies can help to build calmness,  optimism, confidence, self-control, grit and other concepts, etc.
The course will cover:
Deep Observations and canine Body Language
Hands-on body touches
Canine Emotions
Body wraps and calming coats
Free Work
Loose Leash Walking the TTouch Way
Groundwork and Tellington TTouch leading exercises

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Alex Wilson is a student member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and consequently, we do not use any aversive or punitive training, including slip leads, choke chains, pinch collars, e-collars etc. We use positive reinforcement training including clicker training and Tellington TTouch Training.