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Do you want to attend a practitioner training in-person?


In-person practitioner clinics, lasting three, five or six days and conducted by a selection of both international and UK based instructors, are available in the UK. All the instructors have a comprehensive experience of Tellington TTouch® in addition to their other qualifications. These courses offered by Xtra Dog are accredited and points will be awarded by Tellington TTouch® International

While specifically for those who wish to qualify as a TTouch Practitioner, others who merely wish to add new skills to their professional work or to help their own animals are also welcome.

As well as the main instructors, experienced assistants are always present to help and answer questions. In some locations students may have the opportunity to work with animals other than dogs. 

The in-person clinics are not divided into levels but rather attended by students from all backgrounds and at all levels of training. This mix has proved the best way to allow an exchange of ideas and experiences to the benefit of all. The relaxed atmosphere encourages discussion and sharing of ideas, adding even more to the value of the training.

Participants can attend with or without their own dogs as they choose. Each session is a little different, depending on the dogs which are brought in and so provides even more insight into animal behaviour and ways of solving very varied issues.

Dogs are the most prevalent animals at the clinics and the Tellington TTouch® training method believes that the emotional balance of them and other animals is linked to their physical condition. Improvement in the latter helps their confidence and allows them to make better choices. The animals are helped to act rather than simply react.

Clinics help you to learn to recognise even very slight physical signs and evaluate their effect. Hands-on examination of the animals’ bodies to discover areas which need attention is also taught with opportunities to use the technique on many different animals and see the results.

There are ground and leading exercises getting animals and handlers in balance, a confidence course teaching dogs and horses to negotiate obstacles and use their bodies in a new way. These methods can bring about major changes – pullers go on a loose leash, forget their antagonism to other dogs and shy dogs are happy to leave their handler’s side.

The clinics provide a relaxed and comfortable learning environment with plenty of fun beside the serious side. Students get time to practise what they learn with support available if required.

In addition, for those intending to make a career as a practitioner, at some clinics there is advice offered regarding setting up a business, client relationships and other professional needs such as marketing.