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The new Tellington TTouch® connector is a very useful piece of equipment that can be added to a two-point harness to help dogs stop pulling,

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This is the newest piece of equipment in the Tellington TTouch® toolkit, it is a short, piece of nylon with a light trigger clip at each end.  It attaches to any two-point harness (chest and back) and can be used with any lead. We would recommend using it with the TTouch harness.

The original idea came from Finish Tellington TTouch® practitioner, Pia Arhio-Letho and has been developed by TTouch co-founder Robyn Hood.

Robyn started using the concept in 2018 with very pulley dogs that needed a longer leash for more space.

When attaching a dog to a long-line, typically attached to a single point of contact the harness slides and pulls the dog out of lateral balance, pressure can also create more forward pull in the dogs.

The TTouch Connector is an adjustable length of webbing with a clip at either end. It has a tab with a ring that slides along the webbing which divides the pressure between the front and back of the harness. You can attach a long line, use a rope, or the lead with the handle extended, attached to this sliding ring.


TTouch Connectors come in 4 sizes, small, medium, large, and x-large.

Small is 45.7 cm at maximum length and is recommended for toy to small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, etc.

Medium is 66cm at its longest length and is recommended for small to medium breeds such as Shelties, Cocker Spaniels etc.

Large Connectors are 86.4 cm at maximum length and are suitable for larger breed types, Labradors, Shepherds, Huskies etc.

X-Large Connectors are 95 cm at maximum length and are suitable for very large and giant breed types, Bernese Mountain Dog, Alaskan Malamute, etc.



Robyn Hood demonstrates the TTouch connector

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