Interactive and Online Tellington TTouch for dogs Level One with Tina Constance November 2021


Interactive online and on Zoom Tellington TTouch Level One practitioner training with Instructor Tina Constance. November 6, 7, 13 and 20 – Includes 20 hours of live teaching plus online study and assignments. This course is worth 14 credits as part of your Tellington TTouch practitioner certification. (or 10 points if this is your second Level One training. We start at 10am GMT each day.

This course does not have to be taken as part of the certification programme, you are welcome to attend for a greater knowledge of TTouch to use on your own dogs.

All practitioner training modules are accredited by, and credits are awarded by Tellington TTouch® International

  1. Learn Bout the 9 Elements of Tellington TTouch with Linda Tellington-Jones worth £99.00
  2. Use Tellington TTouch For Puppies and  Foals with Robyn Hood worth £99.00
  3. Loose Lead Walking With Robyn Hood access for Life worth £99.00
  4. Building the Bond with Gail Skinner access for Life worth £99.00
  5. Access to the Xtra Dog Learning Vault for Life worth £250


Which option do I choose?

If this is the first Level One you have taken you need to choose Initial Enrolment, as this gives you the online learning portion and is worth 14 credits.

If you have completed a previous Level One choose Continuing Education – you will have already completed the online course and this is worth 10 credits.

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Join Tellington TTouch Instructor, Tina Constance to expand your knowledge and skill base!

Enjoy the logical, linear, learning of Online Learning along with the inspiring and adaptive format of 20 hours, small, LIVE, Zoom sessions.

This session can count as your next step towards Certification as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner for Dogs, or simply be the continuation of a personal learning journey.  If you have attended in-person “Hands-On” Tellington TTouch Workshops, this course can be counted towards certification. Please visit the How to become a practitioner page for more information.

Register and gain access to an extensive, clearly laid out, and detailed online course covering the material you would learn in at least two, 5-day hands-on sessions.  This course can be done at YOUR OWN PACE, before or after the LIVE sessions.

Beginning on Saturday November 6th, join Tina from 10 am GMT for a 5-hour immersion session that will get you and your dog started on the techniques and exercises, most useful for everyday handling and understanding of your four legged friends.

We continue at the same time on Sunday, November 7th, and on Saturday, November 13th, and  Saturday, November 20th. We have set these times up so that it works for students in the UK, Europe, and South Africa.

Between sessions, you will work on specific skills and assignments, if you are working towards Certification.

Enjoy the comforts of home, with your animal at ease, in this small, intimate group setting. Robyn will help coach you through specific concerns you may have and give you the tools to enhance your dog’s well being.

This course can count towards the Tellington TTouch Practitioner certification program for dogs.  It is also suitable for dog guardians who are interested in the method to enhance their relationship.  All levels of experience and areas of interest are welcome.

Students will have access to online material to cover at their own pace.  The online portion of learning consists of a logical, linear, “Tellington TTouch for Dogs – Level 1”, which can be accessed at any time.


The online portion of the course includes:

  • 10 Lessons: Each consists of several specific topics.
  • Hours “how-to” videos and lectures about each specific concept and exercise
  • Study Quiz Questions at the end of each section for your own learning
  • Easy to follow mind maps
  • 100 Page Course Manual
  •  Lesson video assignments, to be completed by those pursuing certification
  • 24/7 access to all materials


The LIVE interactive portion of the course includes:

  • Four 5 hour sessions of learning in an intimate, supportive, group setting
  • Expert feedback about your own animals
  • In class assistants co-teaching and supporting the group’s learning and questions.