Tellington TTouch Training Harness


Official UK Tellington TTouch Training Harness

Designed by Sarah Fisher

Multiple points of contact, ideal for Tellington TTouch Leading exercises

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Sarah Fisher’s TTouch harness is the only harness on the market carrying the TTouch branding and specifically designed for Tellington TTouch leading exercises.

Sarah Fisher is well known as a TV personality, as well as being the UK’s first Tellington TTouch Instructor. Unlike most harnesses that have just one point of contact, the harness has a ring at the front and a choice of two rings on the back for attaching the lead, making it both versatile and practical.

By clipping a leash to the front of the harness instead of a collar, tension is reduced on the dog’s neck and back, helping to influence the dog’s balance and centre of gravity (thus improving gait and posture). Control is maintained simply by giving a gentle ask and release signal to the lead clipped to the front of the harness.

As posture and behaviour are linked, teaching a dog to walk calmly and in balance when on the lead can have a powerful effect on behaviour, reducing common problems such as leash frustration, excitability, pulling and so on.

This harness also offers the handler a number of options when undertaking Tellington TTouch groundwork exercises.

We offer this harness in a choice of black, green or purple.

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Chest 34cm to 48cm


Neck 33cm to 43cm

Chest 38cm to 54cm


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Chest 48cm to 71cm


Neck 50cm to 70cm

Chest 63cm to 99cm

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